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Our Company helped over 1,000s of clients. We work with personal tax preparation, corporate accounting, and accounting for small to medium size businesses. We make sure to get you the maximum tax refund.

The firm is overseen by Ganesh, Chartered Accountant. His growth for Mercury Tax is unparalleled and his designations speak for themselves!

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What We Offer To You

Our tax experts have various experience is dealing with different types of people, businesses, and taxes. We can ensure you that you will get your maximum refund from your taxes. Our years of expertise in the field gives us a leading advantage over other accounting firms. 

Corporate Accounting
We offer turnkey solutions for your finances. We have the resources to manage payroll setup, corporate tax planning, Salary/ dividend distribution. Our goal is to get the best income and capital tax minimization.
Filing Business Taxes
Filing your Business Tax is important, which can get you in trouble if you are not accurate and on time. Falling behind will get you late penalties and have the Canadian Revenue Agency after your business.
Business Audit
A business audit can occur randomly or if the CRA believes there are some discrepancies in your tax return. The whole process can be scary and if not handled correctly, can lead to fines. Make sure you are protected.
Personal Tax Preparation
Are you getting your maximum refund on your personal taxes? See where we can use deductibles to get you back the maximum.
Estate Tax Return
Having someone pass away is a difficult time, but there are taxes that have to be done. Do not let the government come after their estate.
Partnership Accounting
Did you know there are different tax laws between a partnership and a corporation? Make sure you are filing the right taxes and see what is the most effective way to set up your business.
How can we help with your Personal Tax ?

We make sure when doing your personal tax preparation, to get you the maximum refund. Below are just some of the sectors we have in doing personal tax preparation.

We offer HST filings with highly qualified experts with very competitive rates! We do tax preparation services for Uber drivers, Skip the Dishes Drivers, and Real Estate Agents. We can help you claim your business expenses (or “write off”) your expenses to ensure you get the maximum tax return. We use strategies such as:

  • Mortgage Interest or Rent
  • Property Taxes
  • Capital Cost Allowance
  • Utilities
  • Home Insurance
  • Maintenance
  • 50% of Meals and Entertainment

Before filing your tax return (T2202A), we need to first see if you need to file your taxes. We will determine this before anything else. If you need to file your taxes, we will get you back your maximum refund using strategies such as:

  • Textbook and Tuition Tax Credit
  • Child Care Deduction
  • Student Loan Interest Credit
  • Moving Expense Deduction
  • Mass Transit Breaks

If you or someone you know are 65 years old or older, there are separate tax laws. Make sure you take advantage of this to ensure you get the maximum tax refund. We will use strategies such as:

  • Pension Income Amount
  • Home Accessibility Tax Credit (HATC)
  • Sharing Tax credits with your Spouse
  • Splitting Pension Income with your Spouse
  • Ontario Seniors Homeowners’ Property Tax

The first year in a new country can be really frightening. We know there are so many new things you have to learn. Let us handle your personal tax preparation. Before doing anything, we will first determine if you have to file a tax return.

Small Business Accountant

Being a small business accountant for years, we understand how overwhelming your day to day operations can be. We are here to help all small to medium sized businesses with their accounting. We will prepare and examine all financial records to make sure they are accurate and taxes are paid on time and accurately.

Small Business Accountant preparing files
Small Business Accountant


Create statements that comply with laws and regulations while being accurate.


Calculate taxes that are owed, prepare tax returns and lastly make sure that prompt payments are made.


Audits can be scary, we will help you through audits, every step of the way.

Online Income Tax Filing

You can now do all your income tax filing online with us! 

Iphone Income Tax Filing

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We have worked with our customers for years. Once you have us fo your tax preparation, you won’t want to leave. We serve over 10,000 clients annually, our numbers speak.